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Have you ever wondered what else you could offer your patients and clients besides one-on-one sessions, but you have no idea where to start? I gotchu. In this FREE e-book I break down the SIX different levels of value offerings and show you how you can use your current skill set to immediately diversify your services and increase your revenue streams. Sign up below to grab your free copy!

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    Once again, the Movement Maestro delivers. The Value Ladder is an excellent resource for determining the level of investment made by you and your consumer while emphasizing the importance of being a human. It makes sales feel like relationships, which is something I can easily get behind. Just looking at this ladder graphic gives me ideas of what to do next. It will also be incredibly useful to look back on during those moments when I feel hesitant about asking for an investment of time, trust, and money. I am a physical therapist and coach, but this applies to any industry I can think of. Enjoy!

    Dr. Abby Halpin, PT, DPT

    Owner, Forte Performance & Physical Therapy

    Stop spinning your wheels and start helping your people.

    In this e-book you'll learn:

    • The best way to move a client from social media follower to paying customer
    • What types of products and services you should offer for free
    • What types of products and services are considered premium and should be priced accordingly
    • Where digital products and services fit into the grand scheme of offerings
    • Various strategies for establishing and building trust with your audience
    • Ideas for creating multiple products and services that can accommodate any financial status
    • 3 sets of one million dope other things ;-)