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    From ‘I want to start a podcast’ to ‘I’ve started a podcast!’ in literally a few short days. That’s how clear and ‘hit-the-spot’ the Maestro’s Podcasting e-book is. The world of podcasting was one I knew I wanted to be part of, but navigating my way through the sea of information out there felt overwhelming and confusing. I wanted a ‘first do this, then do that’ guide, and that is PRECISELY what the Maestro delivered (I mean, I wasn’t surprised, because the Maestro never disappoints). Maestro takes the confusion out of the process by laying out exactly what you need and how to get started. I’m now nearly 30 episodes deep on my own podcast, all because I got the how-to and got started. If you want to get started with podcasting but feel overwhelmed, this is the guide you need.

    Erica Webb, Yoga Teacher

    The Movement+Mindfulness Podcast

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    In this e-book you'll learn:

    • What gear you'll need in order to start a podcast
    • Recommendations for in-person, remote, and on-the-road podcasting
    • Tips for recording and editing
    • Recommendations for hosting your podcast
    • How to get your podcast on the major players like Apple Podcasts
    • Answers to common questions like podcast frequency, duration, topics, and getting sponsored